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         I was twelve years old the first time I touched a potters wheel.  My older brother had brought one home from school for the summer, I was instantly mesmerized.  My curiosity grew upon entering high school where I was offered a job by my art teacher at a local art festival that ran during the summer months.  I would spend hours on end in front of the potters wheel helping young kids throw pots in a hands on demonstration booth.  It was here at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach that veterans of the art began to impart wisdom and techniques on me.  Masters of the art freely divulged and shared knowledge that others kept closely guarded.  It was like having access to a library of masters.  In this environment I was surrounded by artists of every kind, heavily influenced at a young age by the creative spirit.  This is where the seed was planted


         I am a nature junkie and have been my whole life.  I constantly seek immersion in nature.  I've spent a large part of my life in and around water.  I grew up surfing and snorkeling.  I currently work on a boat on the Mississippi river.  When I'm not on a boat for work I can be found on my little boat fishing.  I'm not sure why but I have a need to be around water.  My first job out of college was working in a plant nursery.  This is where I took an early interest in organic growth and became fascinated with botanical oddities like pitcher plants and orchids.  Things that grow fascinate and inspire me.  My biggest influences are plants and coral.  There is a calming effect I get when I take a breath and go under the surface of the ocean, the silence, the fluidity of motion, this is something I strive to convey through art.  That moment of peace is something I wish I could pass on.

Clownfish in Aquarium
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I live and create in middle Tennessee amongst the peaceful surroundings of  rural country scenery.  Its an ideal setting to focus on craft.  I am an independent part time artist with a day job.  I work four weeks at a time aboard a line boat on the Mississippi river.  When my four weeks of work is up I come home for four weeks.  In these four weeks home I spend as much time as possible creating.  It is an interesting balance of work and play.  I am obsessed with form, clean lines and craftsmanship.  I strive to impart these characteristics into my pottery.  I am also heavily influenced by nature, organic growth, ocean life and plants which comes through in my sculpture.  I try to create forms similar to the oddities I fell in love with in the nursery and under the ocean.  If I can distract you and make your mind wander for just a moment I have achieved something.



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