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The pottery at short mountain

I create in a space that I have built from scratch in the Tennessee countryside

Here is a look at my home studio where all my work is currently created.

The power plant

I built my first kiln to fire work produced in my back yard.  A learning experience indeed.  It is a downdraft reduction kiln, fired 100% manually.  A good way to learn the mechanics of firing a kiln.  

Firing styles

I currently fire styles and techniques primarily in the low fire temperature range such as RAKU, Saggar firing, and Pit firing.  I am expanding into cone six reduction glaze firings as well.  


Driven by the wheel

My work is a compilation of parts that are primarily created on a potters wheel.  It is the backbone of my studio and art.

Rooted in pottery

Reconfiguring techniques derived from traditional pottery styles has lead me to a method of sculpture that results in something truly unique.  My deepest influences emerge and materialize in clay

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