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Thanks for coming. A small explanation of shipping times is necessary due to the nature of my employment.  I'm not quite a full time artist and I'm gone for a month at a time because of my job.  I'm unable to ship art while I'm away so receiving a piece can take up to six weeks.  Shipping costs within the contiguous US are included with all online purchases.  Please feel free to e-mail me for an indication of timing for delivery, or with any questions.  I can hand deliver local purchases for a very reasonable price.  Pickup is also available for local purchases with scheduling.  New bodies of work available approximately every 6-8 weeks.  Commissioned and custom work also available.     (actual color will vary slightly from photographs)


  Due to the high cost and risk of breakage during shipping I cannot offer a return policy.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  If you would like more photographs or videos before a purchase I am happy to provide them so you are confident in the purchase you are making.  If a piece is damaged in shipping please report it to me immediately, I will do everything possible to remedy the issue.  

Saggar Fired

Currently on offer in the shop is a large batch of what is called saggar fired pottery.  This style was the focus of my work in 2023. This work is non functional, it does not hold water because it is a low fire style of pottery.  Its function is its beauty.  The final outcome is a result of a chemical reaction that is captured and imprinted on the surface of the pottery.  At approximately 1200-1300 degrees Fahrenheit the chemicals involved combust and react to the heat creating a multitude of effects.  There is a degree of control, but much of the outcome is dictated by the fire.  For every pot that made it to the shop there were several that didn't meet the esthetic standard to be sold as top quality.  These are all hand thrown, one piece vases with a trimmed foot on the bottom.  They are free of cracks or other defect.   Check out the video for a quick tutorial

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